Kilimanjaro Team Moves up to Moir Camp

Jason called in for the team from Moir Camp this evening at 13,600ft on the flanks of Kilimanjaro. They had a nice trek up from Shira 1 camp today and stopped for lunch at “Fischer Camp”, a camp named for the legendary American mountaineer Scott Fischer from his many trips to Kilimanjaro. They’re all doing great and having a good time up on the mountain!

Here’s Jason with the dispatch from Kilimanjaro this evening…


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  1. I hear you all are doing well and feeling pretty good. We’re rooting for you all on your final push tonight for the summit. Quite a goal for you all. Be proud! We are certainly proud of you.
    A special love and shout out to that Handsome guide “ captain red beard” Jason.

    Be safe out there!

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