Kilimanjaro Team at Arrow Glacier Camp

The team arrived at their high camp at the toe of the nearly extinct Arrow Glacier today. It’s a short day of hiking to move up to this high camp, but they’ll only get a few hours to rest before taking off for the summit tonight at around 1am.  The route they are taking is a less traveled route climbing up the “Western Breach” which climbs some steep terrain up to a low spot where there is a breach in the crater rim.  They’ll top out into the crater sometime early in the morning, and then travel across the crater passing the remaining chunks of ice leftover from the glacier that has almost completely disappeared. Finally, they’ll ascend back up onto the highest point of the crater rim to the summit, hoping to time it to watch the sunrise from the highest point in Africa.  Everyone is doing well up there and they’re having a good time, tomorrow will be a lot of work for the team, but it should be a rewarding day.

Here’s Leif with the evening dispatch from Arrow Glacier!


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