May 11 Team Weather Day at Camp 1

The May 11 team dug in at Camp 1 through some wind and low visibility yesterday. Rest day/weather days are a great time to refine your cribbage skills, catch up on some reading, take a nap, or worry about eating all the snacks you brought for the whole trip.. Depending on where you are on the mountain you might even spend a lot of time digging out your tent or building sweet snow walls. Usually at these lower camps on the mountain that tends to be unnecessary. Teams will typically make “fancier” meals on these days, since they have more time. Like pancakes, or hash browns. Maybe some quesadillas for lunch. Having these more fun, time consuming meals helps the day go by and also helps you refuel and prep for the next day. The team hopes to pack up and move to Camp 2 today (Tuesday)!

Here’s todays report:


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  1. Dear Juan Pablo,
    Many Congratulations !
    Wishing you all a good team spirit and continued success!
    Any similarities with Vinson?
    Much Love,
    Anita & Nico

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