May 11 Team Backcarries to 10,200′

The May 11 team did not call in last night, but they successfully retrieved their supplies yesterday from their cache site at 10,200′ (3108m) and are now fully supplied at Camp 2 (11,200′ 3413m). Yesterday is what we call an “active rest day”. It typically doesn’t take long for the team to retrieve their cache from only 1,000′ (304m) below camp. When they arrive back in camp, some time is often spent reviewing the use of an ice ax and crampons in preparation for the upper mountain. This is also a great time for the team to catch a nap, eat lots of great food, or practice their cribbage skills. Hopefully now the team feels rested and is ready for today which is the beginning of the more exciting terrain on Denali as the team ascends some steeper terrain and works their way to the next cache site at Windy Corner 13,200′ (4023m).

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