May 22 Team Backcarries to Windy Corner

Catherine (Kathryn?) calls in from Camp 3. The team backcarried today. Meaning, they went back down to 13,200′ (4023m) to dig up their cache, pack it up, and hike for about an hour back to camp. Not much else to report today! The team is enjoying this active rest day with lots of naps and snacks. Well earned. Soon they will be caching at 16,200′ (4937m) to prepare for their move to High camp!

A 2021 team leaving Camp 3



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    • Ah, we have two on this team! A Catherine and a Kathryn. We just weren’t sure which it was, cheers!!

  1. That’s definitely the Catherine calling in this day! Haa I would recognize her voice anywhere. Good to hear her sounding like she’s enjoying it!

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