May 26 Team Backcarries from 10,200′

Today the team had their first active rest day of the expedition. A short day spent descending 1,000′ (304m) to their cache site, digging up the cache, loading it up, and climbing back up to Camp 2. On rest days, the team will take the time to eat lots of snacks, take a nap, read, journal.. etc. Another important thing teams often do on rest days is take time to practice their snow skills, especially as the team plans to cache around Windy Corner. The next part of their journey is a bit steeper and can be icier, it usually requires leaving the snowshoes behind and mounting crampons and donning their ice axe. The team will spend the day reviewing these skills in preparation for the Windy Corner cache!

Camp 2

Martin and Cecilia give their intros!


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