May 24 Team Back in Anchorage

Jed Porter calls in from Anchorage to let us know the team is back in civilization and doing well. Good job team! He sent us this summary;

“We did it. A few days ago we clicked into skis on the summit of Denali and today we are in Anchorage. We skied all of Denali. “Skiing all of Denali” is meaningful, but it might not have looked like you think. We didn’t stand on the top and ski down to basecamp all at once. What we did was ski every section of the mountain on our way up during caching and acclimatization moves. On our way down, at the end of the trip, “skiing” down, with ever increasing loads and low altitude glacier considerations, looked a lot like some down climbing, some skiing, some rope tugging, and miles and miles of snow plow sled wrangling. It makes for an interesting goal seeking mentality. We started finishing our goal on day 2 when we skied down from camp 2 to camp 1. We finished the goal on day 12 when we skied from the summit back to camp 4. Ski mountaineering is weird. But amazing.”
He also sent us this epic photo of the May 24 Ski Team on the summit ridge!

Here’s Jed:


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