June 5 Team Arrives at Camp 1

Lead guide Jordan Cargill called in from Camp 1 (7,800′ 21377m) last night. The team started bright and early from Basecamp yesterday. As they left, they actually first descended 600′ down Heartbreak Hill from Basecamp. Basecamp is located on the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier which, like a tributary of a river, flows downhill to meet the main body of the Kahiltna. Once meeting up with the Kahiltna, the team ascended 1,000′ to Camp 1 over 5.5 miles of rolling terrain. This is the first day of the expedition, and it is often considered one of the harder days. This is the only day on the mountain that teams have to carry all 110lbs of gear and supplies that the flew onto the glacier with. This is split between their backpack and their sled, but is obviously pretty dang heavy! They enjoyed some nice views along the way and a delicious dinner at Camp 1.

A 2021 team leaving basecamp in the early morning twilight

Here’s Jordan:


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