May 8th Team – Moved to 14,200′

Jacob called in a post that did not fully transmit over the temperamental satellite phone service available at such northern latitudes.  I’ll leave his brief message live for those who will enjoy hearing even a brief snippet of his voice.

The team was finally able to move up out of the 11,200′ camp!  They pushed up and around Windy Corner on a somewhat windy day, but it was clear and they were all motivated to get a change of scenery.  They established themselves at the big basin camp at 14,200′, along with a growing population of other climbers.  The high winds of late have resulted in well over 100 climbers setting up residence in the broad Genet Basin.

Everyone did well and tomorrow they will have a fairly easy day when they drop back down to retrieve the cache of supplies they left at about 13,500′ a few days ago.


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