West Rib Team – Carried a Load to 16,400′

The West Rib team carried food and fuel up to the high camp at 16,400′ to prepare a cache for their push up the route.  They made great time, which is a very good indicator of how they will do on the route itself, and everyone is feeling confident for their upcoming ascent of the Rib.

The climbing out of the 14,200′ basin starts off gently, but quickly gets steeper.  As they got higher and neared their tiny camp site, the route became steeper than anything they had yet climbed during their acclimatization phase.  They buried their supplies into the snow and descended back to camp at 14,200′ to spend the night.  In the morning, they will drop quickly back down to 7,800′ and spend the night before heading up into the narrow and stunning Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier to the start of the West Rib proper.

Great job everyone!

Zde je Klara:


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