Denali West Rib Team

Eli Potter called in from Apex Camp on the West Rib of Denali.  The team had a big, hard day of climbing to reach this small perch at roughly 12,900′.  They had to negotiate a very challenging bergschrund, which is a large, crack or crevasse that forms where the glacier of a valley pulls away from the steeper side of a mountain.  These formations can be the crux of some routes, and it sounds like the one they had to deal with was a tough one.

The West Rib is a challenging, committing and difficult route, and the team is doing great.  Each day is hard and technical.  The team is on such a small perch tonight, that they had to chop it from the snow slope using their ice axes and shovel.  The photos should be pretty awesome!

Here’s Eli!


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