Denali June 2 Team – Saeed Calls from 11,200′ (3400m)

Saeed Kiam called in from the beautiful basin camp at 11,200′ today.  The team had hoped to push up and around Windy Corner to establish themselves at the bustling 14,200′ (4340) site of Camp 3, but Windy Corner lived up to it’s name today, and they remained in camp, waiting for the winds to let up.

Such decisions are very tough at this camp, because the climbers at the 11,200′ camp cannot see Windy Corner from camp, and generally have to guess what the winds are like at any given time.  Our guides are fortunate because they were able to use a new type of radio that we are utilizing this season to call other Mountain trip teams at 14,200′ to ask them what Windy Corner looks like.  The three MT teams at 14,200′ reported blustery conditions, so lead guide Ian Nicholson decided to sit tight.

Here is Saeed, reporting in English and Arabic!


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