May 8 Team – Back At Base Camp… Waiting…

The May 8th team descended to the airstrip on the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier and has been waiting for a flight out of the Alaska Range.  They were rapidly running out of time, food and fuel, and were looking at a substantial storm that had taken up residence over the Alaska Range.  Faced with no foreseeable option to move up the mountain until Monday or Tuesday of next week, they made good time on their descent.

The weather is currently pretty poor and no planes have been able to fly from Talkeetna to pick up climbers for a couple of days.  The team is doing well, but are a bit disappointed at not having had a chance to go for the summit.  I would guess that they are resigning themselves to a bit of a vacation at Base Camp, for it does not look like they will be flying anytime very soon.

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  1. RODNEY >> Hey Buddy, AWESOME to hear you are safe n sound! Can’t wait to hear your stories – the storm must have been atrocious!!! Anne and I will be awaiting your CLT arrival @9:06PM EST on Saturday, May 31. Get some good rest between now and then, as the QUESTIONS will be rapid FIRE upon your return. MONSTER APPROBATIONS to you for making this most incredible attempt. Who knows, if you go back, you may be able to convince the wimps (me, in particular) to join you:)

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