May 22 team: backcarry from 11k

The storm is brewing, Caitlin reports….but the team still managed to travel down the glacier, pick up their gear cache and fortify camp in the face of increasing wind and heavy snow.  No big deal for them, in a good camp with all of their supplies on hand, weather just gives more opportunities to catch up on sleep, read books, socialize and so on…

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  1. Hi Amy and team!

    Hope you are tucked in and safe during the storm.

    Our Mt. Baker ski descent last weekend was insane, full white out conditions forced us to sideslip the top 3000 feet with our noses buried in the GPS, holding an edge for 2 hours was excruciating. Amy, you would have loved it! The lower part of the mountain was a blast, thousands of feet of huge long arcing turns in corn/slush.

    Off to Rainier tomorrow, we’re supposed to have good weather. If the climb goes well, I think we need to plan a ski descent sometime. You in Amy? Of course you are.

    Be safe, get some rest, and I’ll be thinking of you. Hope you get a weather break soon!

  2. Hi Rob and May 22nd team!

    Just back from Nepal and checking in. Seems like you’re getting the full-on AK experience. Hope all is going well and can’t wait to hear you weigh in on the “how cold is it?” question. =)

    Wishing you and the team safe travels and good weather.

    Smiling hearing your voice on the audio updates, btw.



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