June 18 Team – Chicken Teriyaki at 11K

The June 18 team is in high spirits after a full day of rest at Camp 2 11,200 ft (3413 m) following their “back carry” exercise yesterday. This means the team passed a buried cache of gear on the way to the next camp to keep their loads lighter as they enter higher elevations and the body has to work harder to perform.

Once the higher camp is set the team can go for a “active rest day” climb down to the cache to retrieve the extra supplies and haul them back up the mountain. This usually takes up only a small portion of the day! This means climbers will have the remainder of the day to snack, read, dry out gear, and relax.

We hear the guides showed off their cook tent skills with an impressive Chicken Teriyaki dinner so everyone on the expedition is happy and well-fed. Thanks for following along! Check back soon for the next dispatch.


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