June 21 Denali Team – Talkeetna Hold?

Lead Guide Kyle Horner called in from the airstrip in Talkeetna, Alaska to let us know that the weather just wasn’t giving up its grip on the Alaska Range. This is frustrating for climbers trying to get into the Range, but it’s kind of crushing for climbers who are trying to get back out to hot showers and fresh salads! The team used their extra time at the flight hanger to lay out gear and grab some pre-trip photos.

BUT!!! Just after Kyle called in his dispatch, conditions improved and our great friends at Talkeetna Air Taxi launched their fleet of planes, shuttling Kyle and team into the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, the site of Base Camp for the West Buttress and other routes approaching the mountain from the south.

Spoiler alert for tomorrow’s post – the team spent some time organizing their kit at Base Camp, slept for just a few hours, and took off for Camp 1!! recording

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