June 26th Team—Final Dispatch from Guide Jacob Schmitz

Hello everyone and thank you for following our expedition.
This was a special trip as everyone knew each other and the guys from Dallas Fort worth were raising money for Sons of the Flag, an American Burn Association program.
It was good to climb with such a strong, focused, motivated team. When weather delayed our flight onto the glacier, the team was undeterred, and we took advantage of this time in town to review crevasse skills, rope management and rigging packs and sleds. Once on the glacier, the teamwork was solid and everyday team members motivated each other to get the job done.
Because of the strength of the team, we were able to move up the mountain through tough conditions and stay on schedule.  At High Camp the conditions turned against us and quickly breeched the safety margin; high avalanche hazard above camp was multiplied as high winds and snow continued.
After five nights at High Camp and a forecast of more snow, we decided that we did not want to define our Alaska experience to be sitting in a tent counting squares in the fabric, or reading the labels of half eaten energy bars.  We pulled the plug and made the long hike down to Base Camp, stoping at 14,200 Camp to spend the night, 11,000 Camp for hot pastrami sandwiches and then enjoying the amazing twilight view of the Alaska range from the Kahiltna Glacier.
This was a classic Mountain Trip expedition; Safe and fun with new learning and teaching everyday.
I am really looking forward to climbing with this group again, next time to the SUMMIT!

Take care everyone, it’s a small world.
Jacob Schmitz

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