Our Carstensz Team is at Base Camp!

Our lead guide Scott Woolums called in from Carstensz Base Camp!

The team flew over hundreds of miles of jungle as they made their way from the north coast of Papua to the mountain.  Under sunny, clear skies, they are now nestled in their camp, located at the foot of the mountain.  They will spend some time acclimatizing before attempting the route to the summit.  The landscape it stunning in a lunar sort of way.  The limestone peaks that dominate their views to the north and south are wildly convoluted and sculpted blue/grey rock, with little to no vegetation on their flanks.  The camp is located near tall grasses and small shrubbery, but the Yellow Valley in which they are camped is a stark place.

Carstensz Google Earth

A Google Earth image of Carstensz from the north. The Yellow Valley is the one immediately at the base of the mountain.


Carstensz Yellow Valley

Looking down the Yellow Valley on a previous Carstensz expedition.

Here is Scott Woolums, calling in from Base Camp on his seventh trip on the mountain!


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