The team enjoyed good weather today for their carry to Camp 2. They woke up, packed up a load of food, fuel and supplies, and ascended the broad bowl of scree at the uppermost portion of the Relinchos Valley. From this point, the team headed north to follow the Ameghino Valley, that separates Cerro Ameghino from Aconcagua. They left the supplies in a sheltered spot in Camp 2, then turned around and descended to Camp 1. J.Y. reports that the team is healthy and feeling good, and they are enjoying the beautiful views. The plan is to move to Camp 2 tomorrow, weather permitting.

Looking up the route from the site of our Camp 1.  The route is fairly easy to see above camp, as it climbs up from left to right.

Looking up the route from the site of our Camp 1. The route is fairly easy to see above camp, as it switchbacks up from left to right.

Camp 2 on Aconcagua

Camp 2 on our route is also known as “Camp 3 Guanacos,” after it’s sequence on the old, Guanacos Valley route that has been closed for several years. It is also known as “Chopper Camp,” as there used to be the remains of a crashed helicopter just above camp. Cerro Ameghino looms over camp to the East.

Here’s J.Y., with a special message for his lovely wife, Linda:


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  1. Belated birthday wishes to Jonathan, and positive vibes to the Acongagua team from the home of the Seahawks! Love to you, brother! Maureen

  2. Gravity is lightening your loads…remember!!
    You have now shed 1 meter per second squared of force.
    Hope all is as it is supposed to be.
    Bring the colors into crisp focus and watch for the errant Breezes that carry unsuspecting birds.
    I just found a two foot tall barred owl – WOW!!
    Mountain Mama

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