Mount Vinson Team – Ariana calls from Low camp

Well, it sounds like a picture perfect day at the first camp on the team’s way up Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica.  Ariana called in a very nice update from 10,000 feet on the Branscomb Glacier.

The team carried loads a ways up above camp today, reviewing the skills and techniques they will need to employ to make the big, difficult day moving up to High Camp tomorrow.  The weather was clear and calm, which is not typical for such southern latitudes.

Vinson route

Looking up the Branscomb Glacier at Mount Vinson.

Here is Ariana!


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  1. You climbed all the way to low camp, congratulations! Enjoy your restful day and the incredible views. I cannot imagine what that looks like. Good luck with the trek to High Camp and keep talking to us! I love to hear your voice – can’t help to detect some very thin air in there… Admiration, goodness, stealth,

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