June 17 Team – Caribou checks in from 14,200′

Jacqueline “Caribou” Heller called in from 14,200′ after the team took a rest day following yesterday’s carrying of loads of supplies up the steepest part of the route to cache at about 16,400′.  That was a tough day, but the energy in Caribou’s voice tells us that she and the team are doing great and having a darn good time.

Tales of tasty French Toast, quesadillas and gourmet burgers at 14,200′ sound like Alaskan lore, but it seems as if the guides have taken pains to provide a varied and engaging menu of meals for the team.  On days like today, when you spend hours lounging in camp, it sure helps to have good food!

Tomorrow they will climb back up past their cache and continue up a stunning and exciting ridge for another thousand feet to their High Camp.  It is another big, tough day, but they’re well rested, acclimatized and fed, so they are ready!!

Here’s Caribou (we have to ask her what’s up with the nickname?!?!?):

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  1. Awesome! So great to hear Jacqueline’s voice! Sounds like you are all doing well and enjoying your experience. Thanks again for the updates!

  2. Enjoying all the gorgeous scenery photos and the updates. We admire and are astounded by your spirit and skill!

  3. Caribou was my call sign in Baghdad and my blog name – caribou in the city – resting in anchorage before heading on a car trip in Alaska! Had a great time, can’t believe we were climbing up heartbreak hill just this morning! Thanks to Caitlin and Dan for everything! Happy trails, Caribou out!

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