June 23 Team Carries to 10,200′

Lead Guide Sean McManamy called in from the team’s Camp 1 at 7,800′ today.  The crew carried supplies and equipment about 3.5 miles up glacier to an elevation of near 10,200′ this morning.  It has been hot on the glacier during the long sunny Alaskan days, so they awoke early and moved while the glacier was still in the shade (it never gets “dark” at this time of year!).

One of the challenges of climbing in Alaska is communication.  Satellite phones tend to have less than optimal service, due to the satellites orbiting far to the south.  When leaving trip reports, it can be tough to know if your post actually went through or not, as there’s no voice on the other end crying, “Can you hear me now?”

Sean’s post was abbreviated as his phone lost contact with those satellites, but here he is, calling from the vast Kahiltna Glacier!

denali expedition

A Mountain Trip team hikes up the immense Kahiltna Glacier, en route to Camp 1.

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  1. Jayme Roberts

    Get it! So proud of you, Josh, and your team!

  2. Mark Satterwhite

    Rooting for you Josh and your team! Following blog and email updates. My dad did same route 43 years ago! Stay safe!

  3. Tyler M

    Keep crushing it Josh!

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