December 22 Aconcagua Team – Meet the Team!

Our second Aconcagua team of the season is in Mendoza, Argentina and ready to start hiking up the arid Vacas Valley en route to climb the Ameghino Valley route up the east side of the highest mountain in South America.

This team is somewhat out of the proverbial box, in that two climbers are hiking in, accompanied by two of our guides, while a third climber will fly in and join the team at base camp in a few days.

Alex Strauss and Jenny Citrin arrived in Mendoza from Massachusetts, and will start hiking up the Vacas tomorrow with Mountain Trip guides Fermin Avila and Aaron Diamond.

Daunesh Alcott is currently acclimatizing in Ecuador and will arrive in Mendoza on Christmas day.  He will fly in to join the team at Plaza Argentina the following day, weather permitting.

Alex, Jenny, Aaron and Fermin all got their climbing permits this morning.

Aconcagua Dec 22 permits

Later in the evening, Jenny indulged in one of Mendoza’s specialties – STEAK!

Aconcagua Jenny with a steak

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