Vinson Team is FINALLY Headed to Punta Arenas!

We received word that the Otter safely delivered our team to Union Glacier this morning, after an additional stay at Vinson Base Camp.  The team was delayed by inclement weather for almost an entire week, which is unusual, but not unexpected in Antarctica.

The plan is board the Ilushyn and fly to Punta Arenas, Chile in a little bit and depart for Chile with an anticipated arrival at 10:00 pm local time.

This has been a challenging trip on many levels, not least of which is that they will not make it home for Christmas…  Our warmest wishes go out to the climbers who have been anything but warm for the past three weeks.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. E finalmente sãos e salvos….ainda que para um Natal diferente! Fico contente por estarem de volta. Beijinhos e Merry Christmas for you all

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