Call from the Summit of Mount Vinson

Listen to the team as they call from the summit of Mount Vinson this afternoon.  Congratulations to the Mount Vinson team, Rich, Mathij, and Jacob for reaching the highest point in Antarctica today!  The weather held out and they climbed the final stretch to the summit of Mount Vinson with beautiful weather and are enjoying the views of the icy continent of Antarctica spread out at their feet.  They’ll enjoy the views and the accomplishment for a few minutes before starting back down the summit ridge and on down to camp.

Listen to Rich, Mathij, and Jacob checking in from the 16,067ft summit of Mount Vinson, the highest point on the cold and icy continent of Antarctica.


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  1. Congratulations Rich, Mathij, and Jacob on reaching the top of Antarctica! Well Done Guys! Sending good thoughts and prayers for a safe descent and return home.

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