Mount Vinson Expedition Waiting Out the Weather in Base Camp

Our final Mount Vinson expedition team of the 2015/16 season is still waiting at base camp for the weather to improve.  It’s been a bit windy and snowy up higher on the mountain for the last few days and they’ve decided to remain patient in base camp for the weather to improve.   It can be pretty brutal to climb in bad weather in Antarctica as the temperatures are already so cold that even a little wind makes it extremely cold.   They are waiting in the relative comfort of base camp, and plan to move to Camp 1(Low Camp) tomorrow as the weather forecast is improving.  It sounds like a couple of teams did try to move up to Camp 1 yesterday, but stopped about half way due to the bad weather conditions.  Everyone is excited to get moving up the mountain, but they are doing great, spirits are high and bellies are full.

The move from base camp up to Camp 1 is up a relatively low-angled section of the Branscomb glacier and involves about 2100 feet of elevation gain over about 5 1/2 miles.   They will be traveling on a glacier, roped together, hauling a pack and a sled for extra gear and food.  It’s not a technical climb, but it is definitely a lot of work moving from 6800 ft to just under 10,000 ft in elevation.

Here’s Jacob checking in from Vinson Base Camp after finishing dinner and preparing to move up to Camp 1 tomorrow!


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