May 8 Denali Team – We’ve Landed at Basecamp!

This just in from Denali Basecamp and the May 8th Denali Team guide, Chris Dickson: flight conditions have improved dramatically & multiple teams that spent the last few days doing the “Talkeetna hang” have arrived in the Alaska Range!

From foggy & low visibility to sunny, clear skies, weather changes fast in the mountains. Luckily, our teams were well rested, fed, and extra ready to go after a few bonus days enjoying all that Talkeetna has to offer. Nothing like the high anticipation and stoke of delayed gratification to get your trip off to the right start!

After setting up camp, climbers Patrick & Daniel will be settling into their first night at Denali’s base camp on the SE fork of the Kahiltna glacier. Before bedding down the team will tune into the radio update from the Denali park rangers on weather, conditions, accidents, & even some fun mountain trivia.

Early tomorrow morning our crew will ascend the famed “Heartbreak Hill” towards Camp 1 with the goal of hauling their 75L packs & 100L duffel-laden sleds up the first 600 vertical feet of the West Buttress route.

Why is it named Heartbreak Hill? You have to climb up it on your way in and your way out! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, as they say.

Stay tuned for an update from Camp 1.

May 8 2023 team at TAT


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