May 7 Private Denali Trip – Creature Comforts of Talkeetna!

An update from lead guide, Jesse Yon, just in from Talkeetna Air Taxi Hanger and the May 7 Denali Private Team. Three days of low visibility and poor flying conditions have kept the team on the ground. Waiting on the weather is a big part of the game in the Alaska Range. The team will stay busy and use this time to prepare for when flight conditions improve.

This prep time can mean days spent organizing gear, cutting unnecessary weight, rethinking layers, or grabbing last-minute snacks for up high. Creature comforts like a burger from Talkeetna’s Denali Brew Pub or a slice from Mountain High Pizza Pie will fuel the team for the long climb ahead. Plus, a little delay like this only builds the excitement for the next weather window and hearing it’s your turn to fly out to the range. We wish our crew luck & clear skies!


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