May 8 Team Is At Camp 1!

Daniel Schmutz called in from 7,800 feet on the Kahiltna Glacier. His call was a bit garbled, unfortunately – this is one of the challenges of satellite phone service at high latitudes like Denali. (I think it is Daniel, but if I’m wrong, pleas let us know!)

The team made really good time moving from Base Camp downhill for about one mile and 600 vertical feet to the junction of Base Camp’s Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna and the main Kahiltna Glacier. Glaciers are like frozen rivers, with tributaries feeding into them. The main Kahiltna is about 40 miles long and has numerous other substantial glaciers that feed into it.

After reaching the Kahiltna, they skied north for another four miles to arrive below a long, moderately steep hill known as Ski Hill. They established their camp after about four hours of travel, which is a really respectable time!


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