June 16 Team Carries to 13,500′

Lead guide Rob “Durny” Durnell called in after the team made a carry up to about 13,500′, where they dug a deep pit in the snow and buried their cache of supplies before dropping back to Camp 2 for the night.  Guide Brian Kramp made pizzas for the team, which sound to be a crowd-pleaser!

Yesterday, the team made a “back carry” from about 10,000′.  They had deposited loads of supplies a couple days earlier, when they carried from Camp 1 to the site of their cache at 10,000′.  After moving their camp to Camp 2 at 11,200′, they needed to drop back down to retrieve those supplies, which we call making a back carry.

Tomorrow, they plan to pack up camp and move up to the big basin at 14,200′, where there are a number of other teams, including a couple of Mountain Trip groups.

Here’s Durny!

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