June 5 and June 11 Denali teams call from the SUMMIT, 20,310′!

Climbers from both the June 5 and the June 11 Denali West Buttress Expeditions called with ecstatic hellos and shout-outs to report that they had reached the highest point in North America!!

Their visibility from the summit was somewhat obscured by clouds, but they had little to no wind for their ascent and mild weather. It took the teams a little less than 8 hours to reach the summit from High Camp. They arrived at Denali’s peak at approximately 6:00 pm on June 23.


Denali, as seen from the air. Reaching the summit of this massive mountain is a great accomplishment and feat of determination, grit and teamwork.

Here are the majority climbers and guides of the June 5 and June 11 Mountain Trip teams! We’ll let them do the majority of the talking on this one:

We would like to wish all of the successful climbers a big CONGRATULATIONS on reaching the summit of Denali! We do not have the names of exactly who reached the summit yet, but we do know that the day went smoothly, and all climbers are in good health and good spirits.

We will post photos, audio updates from each team and the details of summit day as soon as they become available.

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  1. So incredibly proud of you and all your efforts on and leading up to Denali. Enjoy the view. I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you soon. Fantastic job to the entire team!

  2. Hip Hip Hurei!
    So so so proud of you. From Nataf 24 Israel – 1640′
    Love you so much

  3. Dear yifti nimrodi and the rest of the team.
    I’m really proud of you. Wish you to complete the journey in a good condition and health.
    Missing you, shabbat shalom.
    Yosi dod.

  4. You made it #allthewayup #nothingcouldstopyou – beyond thrilled and so proud!! I love you, Blaine.


  5. Dear Remo and Summit-Team
    I am happy with you and tears are im my eyes while I heard your voice from the summit!
    Take care and enjoy your victory feeling.

  6. Kol hacavod, Have a good trip downhill, now you made it higher than all your friends..
    Gal and Aviv, Lefkada greece (35 celsius)..

  7. Amazing news for all involved! You have done so well. A massive congrats to my big brother David! So pleased for you. Can’t wait to hear all about it
    Lots of love Katherine xx

  8. Nimrod and Yiftach,
    Remarkable achievement , kol hakavod to both of you
    Very proud of you . Have a safe journey back .
    Roni and all the Deganis

  9. Great to hear your voice from the Summit Danny! Proud of you and your team! Talk to you soon!
    Love you!

  10. Dad and ifty, thinking about you from the Himalayas in Ladakh and so proud! You had luck with Amirik’s birthday to reach the summit 🙂
    Miss you!!! Kisses also from luli

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