Everest Team Back to Base Camp

Lobuche Peak Everest Trek

Thursday May 11th from Everest Base Camp
After spending a few days down at Dingboche we hiked up to Lobuche yesterday.  Then today we made it back to Everest Base Camp in time for lunch.
Everyone is doing great  and feeling re-energized after spending sometime at a lower elevation. Of course we’re excited to be back at our home away from home.

We are now in good position to start our summit bid as soon as we get a good weather window.  As of today the route is only fixed to the Balcony. There have been attempts to fix higher but the weather has not cooperated. The teams that were in place to go for the summit have now moved lower on the mountain, or are returning to EBC. The weather doesn’t look like it’s going to let anyone summit in the next few days.
Our Sherpa team has been working hard and they have established our camp 3 on the Lhotse Face and camp 4 at the South Col.  All of our oxygen is in place and most of the equipment needed for our summit attempt.  Half of our Sherpa team is back at EBC and the Sherpa team that made the final carry to the South Col this morning will be here tomorrow.  Then it’s hurry up and wait.
We will be spending our time here at EBC playing cards, reading, socializing, and of course eating a lot of tasty food to fuel ourselves for the up coming climb back up to Camp 2 and above.  As of now I think we will be here at EBC for at least 2-4 days before we will be able to start our move up Everest.  We’ll be watching the weather forecasts closely now and looking for that window of weather that will allow us to get to the top!   Currently our forecaster is describing the breaks in the wind and weather as “keyholes” instead of “windows” of good weather, but that should change in the coming days as we expect the jet stream to start getting pushed north off of the Himalayas.

Dingboche Everest Expedition

The Bright Star Lodge in Dingboche

Please check back as we will update any changes and let friends and family know when it GO TIME!
Jacob Schmitz

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  1. Thanks for the update, you do good updates, Jacob, with lots of interesting up to date news.
    The pictures are really good, too. Hope everyone is doing good. Tell Chris I send my love and
    I am looking for updates several times a day, probably like everyone else at home, and the whole
    team seems to be doing good and looks happy. Take care, please. Sandy

  2. Keyhole, window…hey, an opening is an opening. Just stay away from base camp bugs while you’re patiently waiting! Love from Portlandia to Chris.

  3. Thanks for the update. Keep the spirits up guys ( no not gin& tonic spirits ) Terry K I’ll put the Child of Prague out the back garden in the hope that you get the weather window.,lots of love. Jackie and family

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