Zahid Denali Team at 14,000 ft Camp

Lead guide Eli called in today from the 14,000 ft camp on Denali to report in for the Zahid brothers West Buttress expedition.  They had a rest day today, acclimatizing and recovering from a -30 f (-34 c) night up high on Denali.  It’s started off as a pretty cold season in the Alaska Range and they are hoping things start to warm up a bit to more seasonally normal temps.  It’s always cold on this Arctic mountain, but it has been particularly chilly so far this year.  Everyone is doing great and they hope to take advantage of the nice weather in the forecast to climb up to about 16,500 ft tomorrow to cache some gear on the ridge leading to high camp, check route conditions, and get a bit more acclimatization before moving to high camp at 17,200 ft in the coming days.

Here’s Eli checking in.


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  1. I trust that the endurance training has now kicked in…. however I don’t know how you train for the cold…great work

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