Everest Team Heading up through the Khumbu Ice Fall

Sherpa Guides in the Khumbu Icefall

Our Everest Team awoke early on the morning of the 18th and after some breakfast and coffee in the warmth of the heated base camp dome, they started off through the Khumbu Ice Fall for Camp 2 and ultimately their push for the summit.  It’s a 4 day push to get to the top from Base Camp, so timing the weather window is crucial.   We’ve been pouring over the forecast with our meteorologist for days trying to pick the right day to get on top.   They’ve still got some flexibility built in, and can hold off a day or two along the way as we receive updated, and more accurate forecasts as we get closer.  This morning as they were part of the way through the Khumbu Ice Fall, one of the climbers, Chris Jentz, wasn’t feeling well and turned around with guide Jacob to spend another night at base camp and see if he can recover.  The rest of the team continued up with our other guide Ossy, and the Sherpa team and will take a rest day at Camp 2 tomorrow.  Chris was feeling better late in the day, and hopes to rally on up there tomorrow.  They are excited to be making the move towards the top, and happy to make their last trip through the tricky Khumbu Ice Fall.  All of their hard work and all the time they’ve invested comes down to the next week, so we are all hoping their health and the weather all cooperate!  We’ll update as often as possible in the next week or so, and we’ll be talking to our guides regularly and checking on their progress.   It’s an exciting time over there!

Sherpa Guides in the Khumbu Icefall

Mountain Trip Sherpa Guides, Pemba Nima and Da Temba in the Khumbu Ice Fall this morning

Here’s a video Jacob sent from this morning in the Khumbu Ice Fall, it’s an unlikely place to travel through, but makes for some stunning pictures and video!

Khumbu Ice Fall

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  1. Best of luck to Terry and the rest of the team. Fascinating to follow the updates and our thoughts and best wishes are with you all. Enjoy this time and we are looking forward to the next update!

  2. My dear Chris, if your GI tract can handle ghost peppers, it can handle this! Thanks, Jacob, for tending to our flock of diehards. Keep feeling better so you can rejoin the flock and not miss any of what you mountaineers call fun. Love, Terri

  3. Hey Chris and Jacob, I can only repeat what Terri says above and join with her thoughts.
    Thanks for the message and update. Thinking of you, and wishing you best of luck in
    feeling better, Chris – do what is right for you! Love and hugs, Mom

  4. And, by the way, good luck to the whole team, you’ve all worked hard getting to
    this point. Sandy

  5. Hope you feel better Chris. Good luck and safe climbing to you and the rest of the team. The Portland 43rd street neighborhood is rooting for you.

  6. Chris, I work with your twin. I am keeping you and your fellow climbers with positive thoughts for a fun and safe climb.
    I love being able to follow your expedition.
    All the best. Christina H.

  7. We are thinking about you Chris and hope you feel better. Be safe, be well, and know everyone is so proud of you and your team.

  8. Best of luck to the team. The scenery is spectacular . Fantastic to get that video clip . It gives us an appreciation of what’s involved. Lots of love to Terry K. . We are all thinking of you. I hope Chris feels better soon and best of luck again to al the team. Jackie

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