2017 Everest Team Pushes Toward The Top!

everest 2017 5 ladder crossingClimbers cross a 5-ladder bridge over a huge crevasses in the Khumbu Icefall.

Terry Kelleher called in a nice update from camp 2 at about 21,500′ today.  Terry climbed up two days ago with most of our team, and Jacob Schmitz, our Lead Guide for this joint Mountain Trip / Mountain Madness Everest Expedition, caught up with the group by pushing up from Base Camp to Camp 2 in just eight hours today.

everest 2017 above camp 1Climbers above Camp 1 on Mount Everest earlier today, in the early morning light of dawn.

The team rested today, conserving their energy in preparation for pushing higher on the mountain tomorrow.  They plan to awaken early and head up to Camp 3 at about 5:30 in the morning, bundled in their down suits to guard against the bitter cold.  They are currently looking at a lull in the high winds that have been buffeting the summit, which could present itself in the next couple of days.

A couple teams made summit bids today, but were turned back by the high winds.  It has been very, very windy up high for a long while this season.  Everyone is excited to take a shot at the top, and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the dip in the wind appears, as it looks in the forecast!

Here’s Terry!

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  1. I hope the weather clears for you and you make your summit bid a successful one. It
    looks scary a little from the pictures, I can’t imagine what they would be in real life!
    Hold on, your chance will come! You’re a great team. Even if Chris is not there, I am
    following his team to the end and – best of luck! Sandy, Chris’ mom

  2. Go Team Terry, sounds great up there.
    Wishing you all a safe summit and descent, hello to Jacob, Serki and crew.

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