May 15 Denali West Buttress Team — Final Dispatch and photos

Although most of you have already heard from your friends and family on the May 15 Denali West Buttress trip, who have returned to Talkeetna after a challenging few weeks on the glacier, here’s one final trip dispatch from guide Josh Garner:

We’re back in Talkeetna after 19 days in the Alaska Range, the May 15 Denali team is enjoying their first hot showers, internet and flush toilets :).

We left our 14,200′ Camp at 11 p.m. and hiked through a classic Alaskan midnight sunset while headed down the glacier. and arrived at Base Camp at 8am, greeted by the humming of airplane engines. We were so excited to be able to fly out so soon!

Denali gave our team some harsh, cold conditions on this trip, but we’ll be back, even more prepared next time to face the variety of challenges this mountain throws our way. A huge thanks the guide team for keeping everyone safe and well-fed on this trip, and as always, we’d like to thank our wonderful office team for providing all the support we need to pull off a trip of this magnitude. You guys are awesome!

Until next time,

Josh Garner

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  1. Great job to all the team and the guides- what a great witness of wisdom strength and perseverance. wisdom in knowing what to do and when, strength in the massive altitude and Miles covered, and perseverance in weathering harsh conditions – inspiring !

  2. I am very happy that everyone is safe and back. I can only imagine the disappointment you people are feeling for not making the summit , but then again you can imagine the heartbreak there would have if there was a disaster . Well Shaun we will see you soon ,welcome back.

    Your good friends , Greg and Elaine

  3. Shaun
    Thankful hearts today for your safety and that of Eric and the team. We thank the guides for their wise leadership during the days of the climb. Though you did not reach the ‘top’… relationships, team work, experiences, and spectacular climb itself serves as a most profound ‘journey’ you will not soon forget.

    Much Love
    Steve and Susan

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