May 27 Denali West Buttress Team at 14-Camp

It sounds like guide Brian Muller convinced someone else to call in this update. Guide Nick Nason gave us an update on the Mountain Trip May 27 West Buttress expedition, who are camped at 14-Camp after caching at 15,300′.

The team had nice weather on their climb, with a few passing clouds to mitigate the strong sun. The cache trip also gave the team the chance to get some experience on the fixed lines and steeper terrain, taking the same route that they will take when they move up to High Camp at 17,200′.

The guides are keeping a constant eye on the weather, watching carefully for any patterns that signal coming storms that would prevent the team from moving higher. They’re planning on taking a rest day today, June 5, and will potentially head to High Camp tomorrow, with their sights set on the summit!

Here’s Nick with the update:

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  1. Denise Kiley

    Great to hear your voice Nick. Great progress! Wishing you, the other guides and the climbers all the best.

  2. Mike Nason

    All sounds good. Reports are informative for us flat-landers — friends and family — trying to imagine what it’s like up there and what you’re doing day-to-day. Crossing our fingers for good weather.

  3. Love the updates, excited to hear the progress. Hoping the weather continues to cooperate Thinking of you Jay, on this incredible journey.

  4. Jenn Marie

    Love to hear the updates, your team is making great progress! Hoping the weather will continue to cooperate.
    Thinking of you, Jay on this incredible journey!

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