May 6 Team waiting to fly, rain in Talkeetna

Mountain Trip lead guide Brian Kramp called in an update for the May 6 team, who have been waiting to fly in to the Range in Talkeetna, due to persistent rainy weather. They’re unfortunately the first team of the season to experience the infamous “Talkeetna Hang,” where climbing parties are forced to wait in the little, end-of-the-road town until the weather presents a window for them to safely fly.

The team has still been productive despite the rain, practicing roped glacier travel and crevasse rescue so that when they arrive at base camp, they’re prepared to make the push to . The team is hoping to fly into the Alaska Range sometime today, with the weather looking like it could go either way. Hopefully the next call from the team will be from the glacier.

**UPDATE: As of 1 pm MST on 5/9, the team was preparing to fly into the Alaska Range!

Here’s Brian with the quick update:


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