May 6 Team Moves To Camp 1

Goulven Couzon lest a message in French that (I believe, and please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments) John Molloy then translated for us (j’ai oubliez mon français…).  The team has moved up the Kahiltna Glacier approximately five miles (8km) and established camp at the junction of the Kahiltna and the Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna.

They are on a broad expanse of glacier with views to the south of Mount Crosson, Mt Francis and the rugged Kahiltna Peaks to the east.  When the clouds permit, you can see Denali, towering 12,500′ (3800m) above!

Here are Goulven and John!


*** UPDATE!  Our French Canadian in residence, Maris Chantale (aka Jayci Ferrimani’s better half), provided us a translation of Goulven’s French message:

Hello! This is the Mountain Trip Team. It’s May 6. We’re on the Denali project.What I wanted to tell you is that I feel bad for the whole team because they all have to learn French, because otherwise we cannot communicate. Actually, it’s the contrary… It’s me who can’t understand what’s happening at all! But regardless things are going pretty well overall. Today was a rest day. We have prepared the bags to bring gear up tomorrow, and then we will descend back to camp 1 at 2300 meters where we spent the day. That’s all, see you soon!

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  1. Pap! Ik hoop dat alles goed en dat het weer voor jullie beter word! Ik wilde ook even zeggen dat ajax kampioen is geworden😍 tenzij ze woensdag verliezen, en psv dan wint met 15-0😉 onwaarschijnlijk dus!! Hele dikke kus! En ik wens jullie ontzettend veel succes❤️ Kusjes Lynn (Roland Kummerhove)

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