January Vinson Team – Rest Day At Camp 1

Brad Foreman called in an update from Camp 1 on Mount Vinson.  The team is taking a rest and acclimatization day today, as Camp 1 is located at about 10,000′, a bit elevation gain from Base Camp at 7,000′.  They spent the day eating well, as keeping your body fueled in the Antarctic is important, and building their foundation of acclimatization.

The team is excited to move up to their next camp, which will involve almost 2,400′ of mostly steep climbing.  About 3/4 of that height is protected by “fixed lines,” ropes affixed to the rock and ice, into which the climbers will attach themselves with mechanical rope clamps known as “ascenders.”   Ascenders will slide in one direction (in this case- up!), and clamp onto a rope when weighted downward, minimizing the risk of a slip turning into a fall.

Spirits are high and the weather looks good, so keep posted, as the team pushes higher towards the top of Antarctica!

Here’s Brad –


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