Vinson Team — SUMMIT DAY!

Guide Jacob Schmitz called in on behalf of the Mountain Trip Vinson Expedition, just five minutes away from departing High Camp, headed for the summit!

The team took a rest day yesterday after ascending the steep and exposed fixed lines to reach their High Camp, at approximately 12,500′. The route up to high camp climbs a steep face next to a rocky ridge for 3,000 feet (900m), with astounding views back down the Branscomb Glacier. From high camp it is about a three mile traverse with 3,600 feet of elevation gain to the summit. The summit ridge offers fun climbing with sensational views of Ellsworth Range and the Ronne Ice Shelf. After summiting, we’ll spend the night back at High Camp before descending down the steep face and fixed lines the next day, all the way back down to Vinson Base Camp.

They have winds of less than 5 mph, light snow, good visibility, and a mild, favorable forecast for the day–an ideal outlook for a long day heading to and from the summit of Antarctica.

Here’s Jacob! Very best of luck to the team, and we will update those at home as we receive progress of the team’s ascent.


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