June 20 West Buttress Team – “Rockin’ like a Hurricaine”

Lead guide Yoshiko called in an update on the June 20th West Buttress team! They made their way over to the “Edge of the World,” a popular photo spot near 14-Camp that provides an amazing viewpoint of the Alaska Range, with the summits of most peaks well below this 14,300′ perch.

Another Mountain Trip team posing for a photo op at “The Edge of the World” near Camp Three.

For some reason, when teams try to sing songs into the satellite phone, it takes on a very interesting tone… but the team treats us to their own rendition of “Rock me like a Hurricane,” an ode to the high winds they’ve endured for the past few days. The team has been hunkered down at Camp Three as the winds have been prohibitive for them moving up the exposed, sweeping 16,000′ ridge that leads them up to High Camp at 17,200′. However, the winds are showing signs of abating, so here’s to hoping that the team can make their push up to High Camp to get into position for their attempt on the summit! For now, the team has been getting some extra rest, plenty of sleep and tent snacks to fuel them up for the rigors of the upper mountain.

Here’s the team, listen in below:


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  1. Getting closer!! Hope everyone brought lots of tasty snacks and entertainment to pass the time. 🙂

    Love you, daddy!!

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