June 9th West Buttress Denali Expedition – Cached around Windy Corner

While this recording is a bit garbled (as is so often the case with calls coming from Camp 2), a member of the June 9th Team called in to report that their team had a successful day moving up to 13,000′ in order to install a cache just beyond Windy Corner. 

Here’s the call: Audio Recording

Windy Corner on a not-so-windy day!

As it’s name implies, Windy Corner is a notoriously blustery spot, but it sounds like the June 9th Team has some pretty good weather conditions for their first time going around the Corner!  They buried their things in a snow hole and returned to Camp 2 for one more night, before they plan to move on up to Camp 3 tomorrow!

Mountain Trip guides digging a cache hole.

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