Jan 13 Aconcagua – Pampas De Lenas

Our third Aconcagua expedition is under way! Fermin called in to give us an update. The team met in Mendoza a few days ago and had a gear check and a welcome dinner where the enjoyed some amazing Argentinian steaks. After acquiring climbing permits, they drove two and a half hours to the ski resort of Penitentes and organized their gear into loads for the mule drivers. Yesterday morning they hit the trail after a short drive to the trail head in the Vacas Valley. They hiked for about 6 hours through the desert before arriving at the first camp of their expedition at Pampas De Lenas at 9,000′ (2,750 m). Dinner was in true gaucho style, with food prepared over an open fire by the arrieros.


Here’s Fermin!


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