Short Delay Today but off Tomorrow!

Well, we’re experiencing a  sort delay while flights and logistics are organized today, however; everything is set for a launch tomorrow morning early. We have a Pilatus Porter chartered to fly us into a small jungle airstrip called Sugapa. This should be a very interesting flight!  Flights, actually, as it will take two shuttles flights to get our entire team to the village.  Schedules are always very challenging here in Papua, but we are currently only 2 days behind our best possible schedule, so I think we are doing well!  Today saw a few of us off on a motor scooter tour of southern Timika.  What an amazing place and way of life here. It is quite primitive and very tropical!

We are planning to spend one night in Sugapa.  The next morning a chartered Cessna Caravan will deliver 6 barrels of fuel for our onwards helicopter flight to Base Camp.  It should be an interesting few days!  In any case, it will feel great to be moving forwards towards our goal of climbing Carstensz. Now, we just need some good weather, as we already have a great team!
Scott Woolums reporting from Timika, West Papua.

The team in Timika!

Kids in America could learn a few things here

Fortunately, we didn't look like tourists...!

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