May 5 Team Staying Warm at Camp 1

Bernd Horsman called in with the first audio post of our 2013 Denali season!  Apparently, it has been quite chilly at night, and some of his call is about strategies they are devising to stay warm, as it was -14C (7F) in his tent this morning.   Heck, that’s a balmy day on Denali!!

Bernd’s call was cut off, which is something you will undoubtedly get accustomed to as you follow the team.  The mountains are tall and steep in the Alaska Range, and the satellites through which they are communicating are far to the south, so we tend to lose them with some degree of regularity.  Satellite coverage actually improves as they get higher on the mountain and can essentially shoot their signal over the neighboring peaks.

Here’s Bernd,


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