May 3 Forbes Team – A Quick Note From the Guides

Every Denali trip has its ups and its downs.  On the way up, Andy told us climbing the Autobahn to Denali Pass was one of coolest things he had ever done.  On the way down, we all did our best to enjoy challenging (roped) ski descents.

The only thing harder than some of the surfaces we skied was my decision to turn around on Summit day.  Even when we are fit, capable and poised to summit we have to show Denali’s weather the proper deference.

Andy, we have tremendous respect what you do in your daily life and how you approach mountain climbing.  I look forward to seeing you in the Alaska Range for years to come!


Sean McManamy & Brian Muller


(** As a bit of an explanation: Roped ski descents are a requirement of the National Park Service, which currently does not permit guide services to allow unroped travel, even for skiing)

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