May 29 Simmons Team Is Headed To High Camp!

The Simmons team, with Kurt Wedberg and Blaine Horner, are headed to High Camp.  They sent us a quick note to let us know that they are on the move, after some extra time spent at the 14,200′ camp.  They will climb up the same route that they did some days back when they put in their cache of supplies up at 16,200′.  They will then continue along a spectacular ridge that offers some of the most enjoyable climbing on the entire West Buttress route.

The move up to High Camp is a hard day and upon arrival, climbers must take additional time to fortify their camp by constructing walls of snow blocks around their tents.  Each block must be cut from the wind packed surface near camp and carried over to be set in place.  It is difficult work, especially after a hard day’s climb up the ridge.

The team is very excited to be moving upwards!

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