June 23 Team – Back Carry to 9K

Mountain Trip lead guide, Harrison Lewis, called in yesterday evening to report that the June 23 team is in high spirits and doing well at Camp 2 11,200 ft (3413 m). The guides and climbers took an “active rest day” to descend back to their gear cache at 9,600 ft. There they unburied the gear they left behind on the ascent and hauled it back up to camp.

Everyone is enjoying being in the Alaskan range and has their hopes set on a break in the snow storms that just haven’t seemed to let up. Tap the link below to hear Harrison’s full update and check back soon to hear about this crew’s next moves! Fun fact, the June 23 team is the last Mountain Trip Denali expedition team of the 2023 climb season.


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  1. Enjoy the rest day team! Praying for the sun to peep out for you. Stay strong, stay in good spirits, we are so proud of you all. Your amazing June 23rd team. Sending our love from Australia ❤️👍👍❤️

  2. All sounds amazing and exciting, glad to hear spirits remain high! Hopefully you will get a break in the storm. Keep up the great work!

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