May 20 Team – Chilling at 14 Camp

Alain called in a post from a chilly, snowy Camp 3.  He reports that the team had a cold night, with temperatures hitting -15C.  Winds on the ridge above them prevented the execution of the today’s plan, which had been to climb up the steepest section of the route to their next camp.  They have plenty of time, so there was no need to push their luck by pressing on into 25 mph winds.  Assuming the daytime temperature warmed up a bit (today’s snowfall would have prevented much warming), they would have been climbing into a windchill factor of below -30F.  Brrrrr!!!

So today, the team rested and acclimatized.  It snowed during the day, and winds in camp were between 15 and 25 mph, so the team ate, hydrated and told stories in the relative comfort of their cook tent.

Here’s Alain!


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  1. Allo Alain,

    Heureuse d’entendre ta voix et de savoir que tout va bien. Le moral semble bon !
    Tout va bien a la maison, nous allons à Quebec ce We et les enfants commencent à me dire souvent que tu leur manques! Ils ont hate de revoir leur papa!
    Bonne continuation
    Je t’aime
    Julie xxx

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